Spreading Holiday Cheer Responsibly

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With Thanksgiving leftovers cleared out of the fridge, our attention is turned to All Things Holiday. This is the time to enjoy family dinners, office parties, and get-togethers with friends. If you’re planning on throwing a festive party this season, do so safely and responsibly. Metlife Auto & Home recently conducted a safety poll and found a surprising number of potential hosts overlook taking basic precautionary steps to prevent unnecessary accidents. While decorating may be essential for setting the mood for festivities, it can cause inadvertent exposure to increased risk of fire danger.  You could also be potentially liable for guests who get into an automobile accident because they've had too much to drink on your premises. Here are some tips to ensure your holiday spirit doesn’t go up in flames:

•    Keep the Water Flowing – If you opt to put presents under a natural tree, select one that is fresh and water it regularly. Keep it away from heat sources and exits. If you use an artificial tree, make sure it is flame-resistant.
•    Blow out the Candles – Never leave wax candles lit unattended and always have a candle snuffer and an appropriate fire extinguisher nearby.
•    Don’t Overloaded Electronics – For the 75 percent planning to string up electric lights, it is important to remember not to overload wall outlets and extension cords – use a power strip where you can.
•    Serve Food – Tasty treats at holiday parties help slow the absorption of alcohol
•    Designate a Bartender – Serve your guests but also keep an eye on how much everyone is drinking. Federal Dietary Guidelines define moderate drinking as up to two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women.
•    Serve Non-alcoholic Beverages – Have options for guests who choose not to drink alcohol and also to encourage guests to switch to non-alcoholic drinks at a set time during the party.
•    Provide a Designated Driver – Make sure your guests have a safe way home either with designated drivers or a taxi. Have local taxi service numbers available for your guests.

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